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    Sad Job interview frustration

    Hey gang… I just need to vent.

    I went for a job interview for a full time teaching position at the college I have been teaching at (part time) for the past 20+ years. My evaluations over the years from both teachers and students are very high.

    I have worked professionally in the movie special effects industry on and off also for the past 20 years.

    My letters of recommendations which I could only include 3 of were from (the #2 channel on YouTube), Frank Gerry LLC (the architect) and The Dean from Cal State Northridge.

    With all off that I couldn’t get to the second round of interviews. What does a guy have to #%$*^# do to get a job to teach digital film editing?

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    Re: Job interview frustration

    That sounds just ridiculous! I hope you'll catch a break soon.

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    Re: Job interview frustration

    Teachers are being laid off and classes are being cut all across California. Not only has it become a fight-till-death for teachers to get a job, but for students to actually get classes as well. I hope something comes your way soon! Don't give up!

    "If you can dream it, you can do it." - Walt Disney

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