I've had friends and family members of friends battle with cancer, ALS, Altzheimers, Muscular Dystrophy, and other serious diseases, and we all know how challenging the battle can be. But no one I have met has told me that they have AIDS or HIV. Aside from being a private matter, I'm guessing it's because of the negative stigma attached to the way the virus is commonly transmitted.

And yet in just over a week, I'll come in contact with people infected with this virus and some of those who care for them. So I have to ask, "Why do I ride to combat a disease that doesn't seem to have impacted my life or the life of any of my friends?" Because at some level, I know that it has.

Of course, there are other reasons. It's a beautiful route, and I've ridden it before. The organizers and volunteers are dedicated to making the ride as enjoyable as possible. Here is some information about them: Surf City AIDS Ride 2010

A while back, I started a thread in the Events section, but have gotten no replies from anyone other than myself. I'm hoping there are Mice Chatters interested in this project enough to donate. There is a link in my signature.