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    Re: Comic book Heros!?

    Quote Originally Posted by Melonballer View Post
    I keep hoping they will release it in hardcover one of these days. I am getting the 1001 nights of Snowfall though.
    I've restricted myself so that "Fables" is the only monthly I'll buy. So when I can't get ahold of them, it hurts!

    Now, other things, I'll buy in TPB; "Y: The Last Man," for instance. I'm a Vertigo girl.
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    Re: Comic book Heros!?

    Anyone seen the trailer for Marvel's Ultimate Alliance? Aside from the heros that are supposed to be a part of the game that you see on the cover, but there's a messload of more that you see in the trailer alone. I'm guessing they're ones that you have to unlock. Xavier, Nightcrawler to name a few.

    As far as my favorite goes........

    DC - Superman, Batman, Green Lantern

    Marvel - Spiderman, Wolverine, Captain America

    Love it most when they team up, or even the DC vs Marvel series.

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