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    Comic Based Movies.

    What are your favorite and what are you excited to see coming to the big-screen?

    My favorite comic based movies are...
    Spiderman 1 and 2
    Batman (Tim Burton one, could of done without Prince soundtrack though)
    The Road to Redemption
    Sin City

    Thought not about comic stories...
    The Dangerous lives of Altar Boys (Todd McFarlane art and animation just rules!!)

    What I can't wait for...
    Batman Beginnings
    Fantastic Four
    Ghost Rider
    Superman (Sorry hated the original with Christopher Reeves)

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    The Rocketeer...great movie. Period.
    Spiderman 2 (I fell asleep through the first one)
    And I know it's total camp, but I have a true soft spot in my heart for Batman: The Movie with Adam West. When he's running around with that bomb I cannot help myself.
    Superman 2 (The Lois poem thing in the first one completely ruins that movie. There is no redemption for that)
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    Sin City
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