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    Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    I wonder if this guy is up for re-election.

    Bigfoot risks extinction, says Canadian MP
    Wed May 2, 1:52 PM ET

    OTTAWA (AFP) - Bigfoot, the legendary hairy man-like beast said to roam the wildernesses of North America, is not shy, merely so rare it risks extinction and should be protected as an endangered species.

    So says Canadian MP Mike Lake who has called for Bigfoot to be protected under Canada's species at risk act, alongside Whooping Cranes, Blue Whales, and Red Mulberry trees.

    "The debate over their (Bigfoot's) existence is moot in the circumstance of their tenuous hold on merely existing," reads a petition presented by Lake to parliament in March and due to be discussed next week.

    "Therefore, the petitioners request the House of Commons to establish immediate, comprehensive legislation to affect immediate protection of Bigfoot," says the petition signed by almost 500 of Lake's constituents in Edmonton, Alberta.

    A similar appeal has been made to the US Congress.

    Down through history, there have been numerous, if unsubstantiated sightings of Bigfoot, also known as Sasquatch in North American folklore.

    The beast is said to inhabit remote forests, mainly in the US Pacific northwest and western Canada, and many believe it could be related to the equally mythical Yeti said to have found its home in Tibet and Nepal.
    While sometimes described as large, hairy bipedal hominoids, Bigfoot are considered by most experts to be a combination of folklore and hoaxes.
    But the legend remains strong, and Bigfoot researcher Todd Standing, who was behind the petition, claims to have proof of its existence, and says he fears for its safety.

    "When I get species protection for them nationwide, I will make my findings public and I will take this out of the realm of mythology. Bigfoot is real," Standing told Global National television news.

    He said he has 12 seconds of video footage of Bigfoot roaming Canada's western Rocky Mountains included in a 30-minute documentary, but his detractors say it was staged with actors.

    His supporters hail from Canada's westernmost provinces, but Bigfoot sightings have been reported across the country, which is 90 percent uninhabited.

    There are currently 516 plant and animal species at risk in Canada, according to Environment Canada. Another 13 species are already extinct.
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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    First of all, we need to know exactly what the heck BigFoot even is .

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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    One of the cryptozoological lake monsters (possibly Champy of Lake Champlain) is protected under the local laws as an endangered species. I may be wrong about the animal in question, but I know for certain there are already cryptids listed as endangered.

    Am I the only one reminded of the Futurama episode Spanish Fry? That is the one where Fry's human horn is taken while camping in a national park that is the supposed home of bigfoot.
    "In the dense forests of the Pacific Northwest dwells the strange and beautiful creature known as Bigfoot perhaps"
    "Bigfoot populations require vast amounts of land to remain elusive in. They typically dwell just behind rocks but are also sometimes playful bounding into thick fogs and out of focus areas"
    "Remember, it's up to us. Bigfoot is a crucial part of the ecosystem if he exists. So lets all help keep Bigfoot possibly alive for future generations to enjoy unless he doesn't exist."

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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    He's an MP from Edmonton?

    Doesn't surprise me.

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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    If the BigFoot * is endangered, then it's time for a Moratorium on the hunting of them; this Planet belongs to all of us...

    I'm not Canadian, so I'm not 'in the know'; when is BigFoot Season? Does anyone know how many BigFoot are allowed per hunter per year? I know that they have a breeding pair at one of the zoos, but is there any estimate as to how many are still in the Wild?

    * plural of BigFoot is BigFoot, like "sheep"? or is it BigFeet?

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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    Watch out for bigfoots toe jam. It out-stinks a skunk.
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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    Where do people come up with their ideas?

    (do you think the Finding Nemo Subs line will be under 3 hours by then?)

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    Re: Canadians on crusade to save Bigfoot, say he's an endagered species

    BigFoot does exist....see?
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