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    Dreaming Wrong about The Subs Return

    Have any of you dreamed about a ride at Disney, but then got it wrong? Last night I dreamed that I was on the first ride of the new submarines, and just about 10 yards out of the port, everything stops....and we have to back-up and disembark the sub! Man, I can't get a break even in my dreams.

    But it didn't stop there, I was sitting around for the ride to go back on line, and just when the CMs announce that the ride is ready for boarding again, who runs up to be first in line but Dusty and Fishbulb! (That might not sound so strange, except that I've never met either one of them) And even though I recognized them immediately from all the wonderful pics here on MiceChat, I still didn't have the nerve to say hello or introduce myself. I know, they won't bite, I guess I'm even shy in my dreams.

    Anyways, I reboard the sub, and the inside is all wrong....Instead of everyone having their own porthole to view the ride, it's more like the Monorail, with everyone on a bench seat and having to look over either to the left or right to see Nemo and his friends. This might not seem strange, but I have been on the original subs many times, and I know how the inside used to look. Has anyone else dreamed about Disneyland, but dreamed it "wrong"?
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    Re: Dreaming Wrong about The Subs Return

    I had a dream months ago that I went on the subs and it turned out to be this huge elaborate experience with scuba diving and swimming etc.
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