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    Bizarre News The Eyes Have It

    Article from Female First - June 26, 2005
    Bizarre News The Eyes Have It

    Thats bizarre: A visitor to Disneyland almost left with a different face after losing an artificial eye in the theme park.

    Kay McFaul, head of lost and found at the Florida park, revealed how she rescued the eye moments before it was to be thrown out with the rubbish, after the woman raised the alarm.

    Ms. McFaul said: "Immediately I put out a call and said, 'Have the sweepers check their dustpans, because we have a woman who has lost her artificial eye!'
    "A short time later, in came this young guy, and he just handed me his pan.

    "He thought it was a marble. Then he got the call and realized - it was looking at him."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Disclaimer takes no responsibility for the content or accuracy of stories. The content is licensed from Bang Showbiz 2005 and published for the entertainment of our users only. This story does not represent's opinions nor can we guarantee that Bang Showbiz reporting is completely factual. Please address any inquiries regarding the content of this story to Bang Showbiz

    Sorry, this just made me laugh so much I just had to share it. Even if it isn't true, the overall story was interesting to play through in my mind. :o

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    I guess they kept an "eye" out for it! A marble would have been cool too! Or even a ball bearing. It's a game the whole family can play.

    This has been a Filmways presentation dahling.

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