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    Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    I am the Cub Scout Pack Committee Chairman - and I have to create an Arrow of Light Award. Thank heavens someone else is going to do the ceremony, but I need some advice on how to decorate the arrow. I have rabbit fur (armor of god), feathers (to represent 7 core values), I'm going to hang a piece of material with their name embroidered on it (so they can transfer all their patches to it) - but I need some help with beads and stuff and what they should represent - anyone have any good ideas?

    I've searched the internet, and all I can find are places to buy the arrows.

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    Re: Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    And you know what Webelo Scouts are?

    We below Boy Scouts but we're not Cub Scouts anymore...

    Thank you, Michael Immel (a/k/a Spifford Q. Farquharrr)!

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    Re: Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    On my arrow of light there are ten different colors although mine were stripes painted on the arrow instead of beads. The colors and what they represented are as follows:

    Orange - if they were a tiger
    Light Blue - for bobcat
    Red - Wolf
    Aqua - Bear
    Gold and Silver - one for each arrowpoint they earned
    Dark Blue - Webelos
    Bronze - each activity badge they earned
    Purple - Religous awards
    Large Red - Arrow of Light

    Hope this helps.

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    Re: Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    Holy cow, that brought back memories. I'm not even sure what mine looked like. But good luck in figuring something out.
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    Re: Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    Did you ever find what you wanted for these? Otherwise I will try to find my grown sons which was an arrow with feathers and stripes painted on with the correct colors. Then if I recall correctly all of the boys worked with some of the dads and made a wooden frame with an arrow of light symbol at the top routered into it. Let me know if you need me to find it and send you some pictures.

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    Re: Arrow of Light - Cub Scout Ceremony help needed!

    I remember when I got my Arrow of Light. My scoutmaster cried.

    I remember when I got my Eagle. My scoutmaster cried.

    Are you gonna cry too? :-( It seems to be the trend. haha

    It's the only times when boys make grownups cry, I swear.
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