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    Star Wars Spin-Off Film Ideas?

    As we all know, Disney has recently announced that along with the new trilogy, they will be producing spin-off films based on different characters and settings. The first two being a Han Solo orgin story, and a Boba Fett adventure.

    What kinds of settings and characters would you like to see in a Star Wars film(since they'll pretty much be treating the franchise like the Bond films from now on)?

    Personally, I would like to see a Old Republic movie, chronicling the origins of the Republic and how the Sith and the Jedi became mortal enemies. And just a pipe dream, a gangster film about the Hutts.

    Share your ideas. Just remember, no idea can be as bad as the Phantom Menace.

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    Re: Star Wars Spin-Off Film Ideas?

    I'm hoping for Boba Fett v Batman. We'll see who has the best gadgets.
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