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    Terms of the Deal between Disney and Lucas

    Does anyone happen to know whether or not Disney has agreed to preserve the current versions of Episodes I-VI in the "Star Wars" saga? So many people, including myself, seem to be greatly dissatisfied with the films as they currently exist, so further refinement is in order.

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    Re: Terms of the Deal between Disney and Lucas

    I have not heard of them altering the films. I would love it if they restored them to the original versions. I think the only change I would keep is the scene in Empire when Vader summons his shuttle. Other than that, I would prefer them back in their original states.
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    Re: Terms of the Deal between Disney and Lucas

    I'm kinda hoping other than transferring them to whatever new format is available they don't mess with them. Ep. 1-3 are already deeply flawed on a structural level and would be difficult to "help" without "erasing the entire film and starting over". They should be left as they are both in tribute to what they are as well as warning to those who would come after.

    4-6 I say present both of them - the original version and the "Lucas decides to Mulligan" versions. Further monkeying is not needed, it did not materially improve the films when the creator did so and I cannot envision further 'help' actually helping.
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