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    MARVEL indoor/outdoor WATER PARK at the Disneyland Resort

    How about the world's coolest indoor water park, Marvel themed, with a roof that opens in the summer, open 364 days a year. (Off one day for Stan Lee's birthday.) Even Southern Californians might welcome the chance to get wet in warm waters in the winter. The Hulk ride could get greener and angrier as one descends. The Spiderman tubes could simulate the ups and downs of web swinging. A Doc Ock ride could have four arms (silver tubes) that move while riders are in them. X-Men & Fantastic Four raft rides could have all kinds of special effects. That's all I got. (Yet I keep writing.)

    Knott's (Soak City), Magic Mountain (Hurricane Harbor), and Raging Waters have very little that's new and exciting for this summer of 2012. Do these three parks even have one water coaster like the ones that make Schlitterbahn America's coolest waterpark(s)?
    (From what I've read & seen on the Travel Channel.) The two newest Disney cruise ships also have a water coaster, Aqua Duck.

    Anyway, Disney could make their resort hotels even more appealing if they would locate this indoor water park on the lot south of the Mickey & Friends parking garage and north of the Disneyland hotel.

    P.S. I posted this idea on another thread (at least 1) and calsig31 added that Namor (Sub-Mariner) could be part of this.

    P.P.S. After seeing hilarious and highly entertaining Avengers, and reading about the box office for that one movie, I take back my criticism of Disney's 4 billion dollar purchase of Marvel. You were right, Mr. Iger, and I was wrong. Now do more with Disney's many assets including a Marvel water park in Anaheim, an Avengers stunt show at WDW to replace Indiana Jones by the summer of 2013, and a new Muppets TV show.

    --Tom Sinsky
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