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    Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios

    Walt Disney Studios animation is officially joining forces with Marvel.

    Big Hero 6 is not as well known as The Avengers, but it’s another group of powerful individuals with wildly different histories and powers, united by the Japanese government as a crisis-fighting super-squad.

    Disney reps confirmed to EW that the film is in the early stages of development, though they declined to specify which filmmakers are involved. As Hollywood heads into Comic-Con next month, rumors are swirling …

    With Marvel also developing a live-action version of its Guardians of the Galaxy series, this will be the second major test of whether cult-favorite characters from deeper within the company’s collection of heroes will be able to connect with mainstream moviegoers.

    Members of Big Hero 6 include:

    Sunfire — who can harness the power of solar energy to blast his enemies.

    Silver Samurai — a sword-swinging warrior with a history of tangling with Wolverine.

    Hiro — A 13-year-old boy genius.

    Honey Lemon — who can draw practically any object she needs from a mystical purse that’s a portal to another dimension.

    Baymax — A giant robot created by Hiro who can shapeshift into a dragon form.

    Go-Go Tomago — a woman in a high-tech, voice-controlled suit, who can propel herself through the air in an egg-shaped ball of energy.

    When you think about it, what problem couldn’t be solved by a sun god, a robot dragon, a smarty-pants kid, a woman with a magic purse, a samurai made of precious metal, and an energy ball?
    Disney Animation teams up with Marvel for 'Big Hero 6' -- BREAKING | Inside Movies |

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    Re: Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios

    Always thought Silver Samurai was a bad guy...or at least in X-men he was

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    Re: Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios

    Sounds like a Japanese Avengers.

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    Re: Marvel's 'Big Hero 6' in development at Walt Disney Animation Studios

    It sounds awesome and I hope it does well!

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