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From reading calsig31 and JerrodDRagon's posts, it's occurred to me that the Justice League movie not only has the handicap of coming after the successful The Avengers, but also coming out last among many other successful comic book and super team (e.g., Transformers) films. And folks like JDR will be comparing JL to what they've already seen other films do and judge its originality or lack there of while just as many comic book fans like cs31 will judge it based on the filter their knowledge of the original source material OR their enjoyment of animated series from SuperFriends to Justice League Unlimited.

In some respects, the Justice League's greatest enemy are The Fans!

I don't envy Warner Bros' position. I hope they get it right too. But it's a tough needle to thread, especially these days, that's for sure.
Whatever they end up doing, they are going to have to come up with a villain that is more than a match for Superman. I've always wondered why, if Superman was part of the battle, do we need the rest of the league?