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    Iron Man Question

    How come in Iron Man 3, people are treating Tony Stark like he was crazy, talking about vortexes and Aliens. When people bring it up, he begins to have an anxiety attack.

    In the Avengers, he never seemed any different than he is in any situation. Also, didn't this event happen in a major metropolis, with possibly thousands of witnesses.

    Why did Iron Man 3 go this route making it seem like an imagined event that makes him have panic attacks?
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    Re: Iron Man Question

    Well, remember that the final events of The Avengers happen in one day. Post-traumatic stress disorder is not something that develops immediately.

    He also hasn't been sleeping. Even for Tony, the effects of sleep deprivation are hard to ignore, possibly triggering more panic attacks.

    This movie left some more important questions for me, though:
    If I were part of a superteam like the Avengers and my teammate's house was destroyed, and his girlfriend were in danger, wouldn't be the team play be to get out there and handle it? The Avengers are some crappy friends to leave Tony Stark hanging like that.

    Why did Killian's clothes burn away, but not those of his cronies? For that matter, why didn't Pepper's?

    How did Tony manage to cure his PTSD? He just, all of a sudden, got better.

    When the Stark Compound was destroyed and J.A.R.V.I.S went offline, how did the Stark secure servers keep working? The house was destroyed, but somehow the servers managed to make it through intact.

    How come Pepper can wear the Mark 42 armor, but Rhodes can't?

    In the world of the Iron Man books, The Mandarin is an actual character, not someone fictional created by Killian. So, is the Mandarin really The Mandarin, or is he something else?
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