I am auctioning an exquisite and rare shadowbox from renowned Disney artist, Dave Avanzino. This original, hand-made Nightmare Before Christmas piece features Jack Skellingtonís ghost pooch, Zero. The shadowbox is 5/25 and is signed and numbered by Avanzino. In addition, it includes a certificate of authenticity which is also signed and numbered and attached via a hand-made envelope of the back of the shadowbox.

Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero Shadowbox
Introduced: November 2002
Disneyland Resort Exclusive, Anaheim, CA
Shadowbox (10.75" x 11.25")
Limited Edition: 25 + 2 Artist Proofs
Artist: Dave Avanzino

Description: Jack Skellington's faithful dog Zero is seen hovering in front of his headstone in the Halloweentown Cemetery in this mixed media piece by artist Dave Avanzino. Each piece is hand-painted, cut and assembled by the artist. The matting features the swirl pattern created by Tim Burton and featured throughout "The Nightmare Before Christmas."

I purchased this piece at the Disney Gallery inside of Disneyland in December of 2002 and it remains in impeccable condition in my personal gallery.

Happy Bidding!

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