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    Mickey Mouse & US Marine-Military....

    Hi Everyone,
    I am not sure if anyone can help me, but a while back I was told they had a US Marine with Mickey Mouse Lapel Pin, I have yet to find that at the park, they keep telling me to check every so often. NOW, I am looking for a photo of a US Marine with Mickey Mouse, it's a lot similar to the Firefighter and Mickey Mouse, but instead of the Firefighter its a US Marine.

    Can anyone help me and direct me to where I may find these? I had went to the park the other day and they gave me this card called "DisneyDelivEars?" Anyway I typed in the link and it didnt exist. If anyone can help me, Id really appreciate it! Someone mentioned something about October is Military Month? Does that sound right to any CM's?
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    Re: Mickey Mouse & US Marine-Military....

    This photo was sent to me, this is what I am looking for:

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