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    Retrofitting an Autopia body to a golf cart chassis...

    I recently purchased an Autopia car body with no chassis. I've looked into building a chassis and it looks like the cheapest way to go is to retrofit the chassis from a golf cart to the Autopia body.

    The reasons for the switch from gas to electric are numerous:
    * You can have a "reverse".
    * They can be built to go as fast as 40 mph.
    * There are many aftermarket parts available (i.e. custom wheels, tires, lights, etc)
    * The laws in CA are much more stringent when it comes to gas-powered carts compared to electrically-driven carts.
    * Reduced maintenance
    * Reduced noise
    * No smell
    * No smog

    Before you ask about rehabbing the Autopia with an original frame let me tell you that the cost is too burdensome to justify the end result, which is an Autopia car you can actually drive.

    I talked to a local company that builds custom golf carts and I'm going to see him next week. I have 2 other friends who are also interested in having a golf cart chassis adapted to their Autopia cars as well.

    If you own an Autopia body and you're interested in this project, please let me know via PM. We can get a much better price by getting 3 (or more) done at once.
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    Re: Retrofitting an Autopia body to a golf cart chassis...

    here's an article on a guy in San Diego that converts bumper cars into street legal vehicles. He's done a bunch of conversions already.

    Street Legal Bumper Cars Prove World Is A Beautiful Place
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