I'm moving and I need all the extra money I can get to do so. So ... I'm selling my pin collection.

To make it easier on me because I dont have time to mess with selling them individually, I have separated them into lots. You can buy 1 whole lot or all 5 for a deal.

I am not willing to do is sell these pins separately or break them out of their lots. Please do not ask.
It's too much trouble to keep up after and mess with postal and shipping. So if you want one pin, it's $150 bucks and you can figure out what to do with the rest. Sorry. I just dont have time for that or I'd post them on ebay.

To buy these new would cost 5, - 13 bucks (or more) each. I'm not looking to sell these for 1.50 each. If you bought all five lots you'd pay WELL over $1500 bucks for these pins!

I would love to sell them $150 per lot or $500 for all of them. I'm willing to negotiate though so feel free to drop me a private message or email.

There are cast member exclusives and a lot of pins you can't get anymore.

Here they are:
Lot 1
Lot 2
Lot 3
Lot 4
- this one is for Nemo nuts
Lot 5 - this lot has some coins and keychains and lanyards too.