Hello. I am interested in purchasing yeti merchandise from Expedition Everest. Please email me @ [email protected] if you have any for sale.

I am not interested in pins, but I am interested in the yeti plushes.

I am particularly interested in a yeti backpack that has apparently been discontinued, or is she still available at EE/AK?

She is about 2 feet tall, with white and blue colouring, and is very furry. Does anyone have her?

Some pix:

If anyone has her, I would be willing to purchase her from you for any reasonable price. You can ship her to me, I live in Pensacola, FL.

Please email me if you have her, as I really want Betty for my collection. I have Harold, but he needs a friend. Can anyone who has gone to AK recently, confirm that she is still available? I am planning a trip to AK in December, but I don't want to go if she is sold out, as I don't want to be disappointed if I can't get her when I go.

PS. My love song to Betty the Yeti:

Je souviens vous, mon Yéti adorée
Même si Les fleur, vous donne à moi
Sont fané,
Vous souviens moi, comme ça l'est loin a vous.
Vive, vive, la yeti
Même si votre bruit est fort,
Je t'aime, mon ami.

Its up to you to translate