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    Large Donald Duck Collection For Sale

    I'll be posting pictures and specifics later, but I just wanted to get this out there.

    One of the managers at my local grocery store was married to an avid Donald Duck collector (who was also a Disney Store manager). She passed away several months ago, and knowing that I am an avid Disney fan: he approached me.

    I agreed to help him liquidate the collection. He is not interested in making a killing off them, rather he wants them to go to people who will appreciate them. I went through everything for the first time today, and there are some really nice pieces in there.
    Almost an entire tote box full of Hallmark ornaments, Several Snowglobes, coffee cups, watches, pins, framed lithos, cookie jars, really too much to list here.

    Of there is a specific Donald piece anyone is looking for, shoot me a PM, and if it's there, I'll let you know.

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    Re: Large Donald Duck Collection For Sale

    I would possibly be interested in some pins.

    Here are some I would like if he has them.

    Pin Pics: View Pin 54386

    Pin Pics: View Pin 42523

    Pin Pics: View Pin 27689

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