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    Wanted: D23 Disneyland '59 Expansion Patches

    Hello there. I am new here and am trying to get my hands on the D23 Disneyland Expansion Patches.

    I have other patches I can trade. I have the D23 Horizons patch that is D23 exclusive. I also have the D23 WDW Main Street USA patch that is also D23 exclusive.

    I Currently have:
    I currently have the Autopia patch and the correct spelling of the Monorail patch.

    I am in need of:

    Motorboat Cruise, Matterhorn Bobsled, Skyway, Submarine Voyage, and the mispelled "Monroail" Patch.

    Looking forward to meeting many of you.


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    Re: Wanted: D23 Disneyland '59 Expansion Patches

    Welcome to MiceChat!

    I'm looking for Matterhorn, Skyway, Subs & Autopia myself. They are tricky to come by, it seems.

    Are you just looking to trade, or are you interested in purchasing? I ended up with two Motorboat patches in a transaction so I've got an extra. I believe I'm into it $10 and can check when I get home this weekend.

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