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    High-End Mickey Watches for sale, Wittanuer Diamond, Seiko 14K, Mickey Chronograph et

    Hey Guys,
    I have a very nice collection of high-end Mickey Mouse Watches from Wittnauer and Seiko and a couple that are more "pedestrian", all are mint in the original Mickey boxes, no tricky Ebay nonsense with generic Seiko boxes and swapped-out bands, all are mint "new/old stock", the Wittnauers are actually from a Disney corporate exec. I have tons of references, done my share of selling on Ebay with a 99.6% rating, I've just grown weary of their ever-increasing fees, now they actually take a cut on shipping. I'd rather cut out the middle man and sell for less and have the added benefit of knowing my hard-fought pieces are going to collectors, half my pieces go to dealers now.
    Anyway, I welcome all offers and the numbers are only to let you know their inherent worth, not what I'm looking for. I'm in SoCal, just outside the OC, but I'll ship anywhere in the world, I've sold to Australia, Japan, the UK and more many times. Shipping will be cheap, I'll cover insurance and tracking etc
    Wittnauer Mickey Men's Diamond Watch w/22K Gold plated dial, retail $950, last two went for $650 on the Bay, I know, they were mine (-;/, I can do better..It's mint in both boxes with all docs, 32 Diamonds on the bezel.
    Wittanuer Mickey Men's LE 50th Anniversary watch, $595 retail, (ladies sold yesterday) comes mint in both boxes, all docs, beautiful tank-style watch. Didn't photograph great because it still has the plastic crystal protector on the face and one on the clasp. It's a Limited Edition and comes with COA
    Seiko Mickey 14K Gold Ladies LE 300 watch, mint in box with COA (a low number if you're into that) and a gorgeous Mahogany box, all papers, listed elsewhere for $2400 (I'm not looking for anything near that)
    Seiko Mickey Chronograph w/Lumibrite technology MIB w/papers, my hands-down favorite high quality pricey Mickey that I wear myself. I get compliments from Cast Members and Park visitors every Friday night I take my son like clockwork. Glows in the dark and has a huge dial, but many women wear this model as they never made a Ladies version. Goes MIB for up to $600 on the Bay, I'll cut that in half
    Seiko Mickey Ladies Aviator/Pilot watch MIB w/boxes and docs 5 Bar Diving watch as well. Sold for $450, I'll go less than half.
    Drop me a line, I'm here to sell, not wait for some noob to overpay. Here's a video with plenty of photos, but I'm happy to provide more... Mickey Wittnauer & Seiko Watches For Sale - YouTube

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    Re: High-End Mickey Watches for sale, Wittanuer Diamond, Seiko 14K, Mickey Chronograp

    Hi, I see it's been several months but do you still have the women's LE Seiko watch? If so I'm interested.

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