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    Question Rare Disneyland & Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Lot on eBay

    I was trolling through eBay today and came across this ad for a full lot of rare Disneyland and Mickey Mouse memorabilia. Wondering if it's a great find as the stuff looks like it's in mint condition.

    RAREST of The RARE Disney Mickey Mouse and Disneyland Memorabilia Lot | eBay
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    Rare Disneyland & Mickey Mouse Memorabilia Lot on eBay

    meh. I don't collect vintage ephemera, but that magazine seems like a cool find. The right question to ask is: is it worth 100 smackers TO YOU?
    I would personally say 'no.' But If that is an item you think is really spectacular, then why care about the high price tag? Are you collecting to enjoy a collection or are you hoping to turn a profit? It has been my experience that paper goods are not worth that much in general on the market unless they are really special (like autographs).

    Edit: I just noticed your name has "profit" in it. I guess it was silly of me to ask the above question.
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