I have been collecting Disney memorabilia for years; ever since I moved to Central Florida 14 years ago. It saddens me to part with all that I have collected over years but unfortunately, an unexpected rough patch, has persuaded me to do so.

I have many Vinylmation that I have for sale. The majority have never been opened, purchased with the intention that they would be collector items. I also have a handful of loose figures. I will list the, accordingly andI would be happy to provide pictures per request. I also have several odds and ends that have been picked up at the parks throughout the years.

Unopened 9 inch figures

Florida Project
Parks Series 6: Matterhorn
Park Series 3: Test Track

Unopened complete sets

Muppets series 1

Loose 3 inch figures

Star Wars Series 1 Obi Wan Ghost


Pal Mickey that is in working order (opened)

Pal Mickey Costume Collection: Rain Gear (unopened)
Pal Mickey Costume Collection: Pirate Capt'n (unopened)


The Haunted Mansion Clue (unopened, in tin)


Star Tours: Star Speeder 1000 Sneak Preview vehicle (unopened)

Precious Moments Disney Collection:

Ariel (unopened)
It's a Small World France (unopened)
It's a Small World Ireland (unopened)
It's a Small World Egypt/Spinhx (unopened)
It's a Smal World Egypt/Cleopatra (unopened)

Please pm me if interested. I would prefer to keep the items bundled appropriately.