Hi all! Man, I haven't posted on MiceAge in forever. Any-hoo, here's the deal: Back in 2003/2004, I worked for my local Disney Store, and we would often take returns from the parks and the catalog. Since it wasn't cost-effective to ship these items back to wherever they came from for re-sale, company policy was just to try and re-sell them at the store...but more often than not, we employees would use our discount to snatch the cool stuff up ourselves. I ended up with all kinds of collectibles, which eventually got boxed up and stored away, only for me to rediscover them recently. I'll be selling a lot of it off over the coming months, but my first wave is all the Disney Pins I managed to acquire in my tenure there. They are all in excellent condition; in fact, except for about five individual pins, all of them are still on their original backing! They have no flaws or defects; most of them actually came from the same woman who just bought a ton of them at the parks and ended up returning duplicates/the ones she wasn't particularly attached to.

The pins on offer include a complete set of thirteen Haunted Mansion Holiday "13 Treats in 5 Frightful Weeks" pins, which are still in their plastic packaging.

If you get a chance, please hop over to my eBay page and take a gander! I'm saving up for a trip to Walt Disney World in November, and every single cent helps! Here's the URL: http://tinyurl.com/heatherebay