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Doug DoRr a famous hot rod & tiki Artist in Southern California, is selling this tray he created, and inspired from this extremely early and not so "PC" photo opportunity that once was located in Adventureland in Disneyland. Yes, apparently it wasn't only shrunken heads being traded!
If anyone is interested, Doug could probably arrange a pickup at the park, or mail it to you direct. You can also PM me, and I can forward your phone # to him, so you can arrange something. Not a scam, and on the up 100%. I just thought some people might appreciate it here, before selling it mainstream on ebay, etsy, or even CL. If you notice, the rattan tray closely resembles the old fiberglass food trays that most Disney restaurants used, and in which a few still do today!
This is absolutely one of a kind, hand carved, and hand painted piece, perfect for the Adventureland/Tiki collector/Early Disneyland fan. You can also message him via Facebook direct at 973178.369558.638128177&type=1&theater