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    Disneyland posters (do they exist?)

    my sister is looking to re-decorate one of her bedrooms and she wants some posters & framed pictures of anything involving disneyland (rides, scenery, etc)
    where can i find these? i've tried a few sites & came up with nothing

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    Re: Disneyland posters (do they exist?)

    Where are you located? If you're near Disneyland, you can buy all sorts of these posters at the World of Disney store in Downtown Disney, Disneyana shop on Main Street, USA, and The Disney Gallery in New Orleans Square.

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    Re: Disneyland posters (do they exist?)

    There's all sorts of stuff. Depends what you want and how much you're willing to spend.

    Full-size attraction posters used to be available, but I haven't seen them sold in a while, so you'd have to go to ebay for those. But they're so huge that they can only be custom framed.

    On the other hand, mini attraction posters are $35/each and come with the matting, and they fit in a standard size frame.

    Alternatively, or mixed in with mini attraction posters (to keep costs down) you might want to frame actual photos of Disneyland, or get matted frames (to make it bigger) and frame DL postcards.

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