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    Cool Wanted! Magical Mornings / Early Entry ticket!

    If anyone has a Magical Mornings / Early Entry ticket, I am interested in purchasing it, or, if you are not using it....if you want to give it away, let me know!

    Send me a PM ! Thanks!

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    Re: Wanted! Magical Mornings / Early Entry ticket!

    Note, the Magical Morning (aka Early Entry) ticket is the entrance ticket to the park, and is coded into the ParkHopper. So you would need to pay for a 3 day or longer ParkHopper to get the benefit. It is not a seperate voucher.

    Now, Mickey's Toontown Madness event is a seperate voucher issued by the Walt Disney Travel Company, so you might find one of those available, but that allows you into Toontown when the entire park opens (Toontown normally openes one hour after park opening).
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    Re: Wanted! Magical Mornings / Early Entry ticket!

    Thanks Darkbeer, however, I already know all of what you said.

    A friend thought MAYBE there was a chance that someone did not use their last day on their 3 day hopper (etc) and maybe if they had not used their early entry day----they would sell it to us. Or, a hotel guest, who got one, and did not use it. Etc. (We know how the system works...just looking for someone who did not finish their pass, etc.) We are both AP holders, but, she wanted to get in for a special signing that is going on in a couple of months. And, as you know, with an AP, early entry is NOT an option.

    Anyone else wanting to PM me not telling me this same thing (I got several PM's), I'd be happy to hear it!


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