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    Re: DISGUSTED with the 09/09/09 event and D23 merger!

    Quote Originally Posted by btowndude View Post
    Today, 9/11, the HM piece was still available at the D23 Dream Store. I was also at the World of Disney store tonight and saw the HM piece over in the collectible section.
    Yes Btown, there is a J.S piece on display at World of Disney. They also have a tiny tag stating it will not be available for sale until Spetember 17th. I saw it, and figured I might buy that piece as well as the open edition Hitchiking Ghost Olszewski LightBox. They aren't being made available until after D23 ends. That is one of the big reasons why I have heartburn over the practices they've instilled, and that everyone has come to expect as normal operation.

    If it can be selling at D23, why can't it be sold at Disenyana? The inventory excuse is a crock, when all of the items that were left over from 09/09 event are being currently sold at D23.

    I'm not going to pay $40 for 1 day at D23, just so I can spend even more money on select merchandise when I already hold a premium AP, and "SHOULD" have been able to purchase the stuff from the park the day after. This is really about principles, and how Disney lost theirs.

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    Re: DISGUSTED with the 09/09/09 event and D23 merger!

    I wasn't going to either event but I assumed that any left over merchandise would be at the D23 event.

    I am sorry you didn't get the merchandise you were interested in.
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