Hello, hey there, and welcome...

I have finally decided to release the first episode of my all new Disneyland podcast: The Audio Magically Disneyland Podcast. I will post links at the bottom of this post for the show. First off, I would like to thank this entire community for giving me the opportunity to do such a thing. If you listen to the episode, can you also email me feedback or comment on here so that I know people are listening? I have no way of seeing how many times the show has been downloading so that would be great. I'll post a poll and just answer yes if you are downloading the show. Thanks!

Episode 1, titled 'Fairly Noble Beginnings' chronicles my first footsteps into Disneyland for the day along with my friend Adam. As the gates open, we make our way for Tomorrowland and hit a ride on Space Mountain. The following shows will lead you into Adventureland, Critter Country, then to New Orleans Sqaure by Episode 3 (which I just finished editing and exporting...)

I might post 2 shows a week as long as every is willing to listen . So be cool, be friendly, and stay tuned for more.

Show website:http://www.gcast.com/user/AudioMagicallyD/podcast/main
Show XML: feed://www.gcast.com/u/AudioMagicallyD/main.xml

-Brian from California