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    Re: Lasseter's Pixie Dust Made 'Tinker Bell' Fly

    I disagree. While the film certainly has some cheesy moments, I really like this movie! I borrowed it from a coworker, because I didn't want to invest in it, to find out I didn't like it. But, now that I know that I do like it, I'm so going to buy it! And I can't wait for the next one; it looks equally as fun as this one was.

    We all say that what makes Disney, Disney, is their ability to transport us and immerse us in new worlds and locations that we would never be able to, in real life. I completely felt this way. The animation was great, the voice actors did a good job, and it came across as a real locale, with real "people", to me. This movie gets two thumbs up from me!

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    Re: Lasseter's Pixie Dust Can't Make 'Tinker Bell' Fly

    This movie has become yet another in my series of books that were great that Disney has decided to murder in film. Gail Carson Levine created this world and for the first time in my life I was interested in Tinker Bell. Generally speaking I think she's a homicidal maniac with an inferiority complex. Levine's story stays true to the original depiction of Bell but does so in a way that softens and explains her. Although she's not the primary focus of the book, she's still a main character and it talks in depth about the effect her relationship with Peter had on her.

    But much like Ella Enchanted Disney said, "Why use the incredible, popular great story that exists when we can make a crappy sub-par version of our own!" This kind of decision making makes me want to bang my head on a wall... so I will.

    I raise my Kitties right.... they only watch the finest shows.

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    Re: Lasseter's Pixie Dust Can't Make 'Tinker Bell' Fly

    Thank you. Your review took the words out of my mouth.

    I'll only add that I found the voice of Tinker Bell to be very disappointing. More like Tink's younger sister, or something ... it sounded like a million other voices, with nothing to distinguish her from the cast of thousands.

    It didn't stink, but it wasn't special.

    My 5-yo daughter, however, loves the movie. Bingo. And cha-CHING.

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