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    7/24: Pressing Matters

    Sue catches you up on press releases you may have missed, discuss them here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: - A different look at Disney...
    "Politics is the profession whereby the inevitable is made to seem a great human achievement" - Quentin Crisp

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    Re: 7/24: Pressing Matters

    "The pieces in this Gallery I'm most excited to see:
    - Walt and Lillian's marriage certificate"

    Really? a piece of paper intrigues you most?

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    Re: 7/24: Pressing Matters

    Thanks for the information. The Walt Disney Museum is certainly starting to sound very interesting, with the earliest known drawing Mickey Mouse particularly exciting to me. I wish I lived closer to Sanfran instead of Indiana so I could check it out!

    Quote Originally Posted by jaxbistro View Post
    Really? a piece of paper intrigues you most?
    Pieces of paper have changed history. Mickey Mouse and the United States were born on paper.

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    Re: 7/24: Pressing Matters

    Thank you Sue. I want one of those replicas of the Nautilus!
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