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    An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !

    An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !

    When i saw The Disney Blog's article on monday, i knew i had to let you know about this great find. I wanted to wait two days before i did my article, but as Blue Sky Disney and Disney Report and probably other web sites are now talking about these incredible Disneyland videos, so here i go!

    To be perfectly clear, i'm talking about these amazing Disneyland construction videos released on Youtube in five parts of almost ten minutes each. Frankly, it's an amazing treasure, and as all treasures its find happened with a bit of luck with the discovery of a reel box with "Disneyland movie" written on it. Inside, all - or almost - the 1954-55 building of Disneyland, thanks to cameras that were placed up on towers at different places of the park. Using time-lapse and traditional eye-in-the-sky photography, this is a dazzling piece of history, presenting how the fearless construction crews had Disneyland up and running in just under a year.

    It's totally fascinating, really. A pure miracle, as you would have never expect to see one day what you will see now. A Disneyland fan dream-come-true! What is the most surprising for me is that these Youtube videos were uploaded 8 months ago and nobody noticed them before! Anyway, better too late than never, especially when it's a treasure like this with commentary by Tony Baxter and Ed Hobleman and Walter Magnuson.

    So, get a drink and some good tapas, sit well and enjoy the movie, you won't believe your eyes. And don't close them, if you want to see Walt himself riding his bicycle all around the future Tomorrowland!

    Click on the link to see these ABSOLUTELY AMAZING videos in the D&M article:

    Disney and more: An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !


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    Re: An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !

    They are indeed fun videos to watch. They are from the Walt Disney Treasures series of DVD's - Disneyland - Secrets, Stories, and Magic. Great disks. There have been quite a few discussions about them on these boards and across the internet.

    [ame=""] Walt Disney Treasures - Disneyland - Secrets, Stories & Magic (Collector's Tin): Tommy Chico, Jeff Lam, Sammy Davis Jr., Walt Disney, Ronald Reagan, Frank Sinatra, Guy Williams, Betty Taylor, Art Linkletter, Louis Armstrong, Robert Cummin[/ame]

    I've watched that bonus material many times. In fact Al and I watched it just a few weeks ago with some friends just days before the D23 Disneyland USA event (which also showed one of the clips).

    Tony Baxter does a great job narrating these clips and clearly knows his Disneyland history (not just the things he has worked on).

    If you get a chance to buy a copy of these disks, you really should.

    Here's a discussion started by Yesterland founder, Werner Weiss, from December of 2007:
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    Re: An Incredible Treasure: Disneyland 1954-55 construction videos !

    regarding that program on disk 2 I agree. its fun to see not only the survey team clearing the land but building each section from the ground up.

    in fact, on the audio part, Tony mentions that there is up to 200 hours i think he said of additional construction footage that hasnt been transferred to dvd, but as soon as he and his team gets the go ahead he is going to do so.

    I am interested in seeing the additional footage.
    question: will it be on a single dvd release? or in a treasures edition??

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