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    Looking towards the future...

    Looking towards the future...

    Frankly, the next three years are not going to be easy for Disney fans web sites. And especially theme parcs articles. Why, you ask? Well, you see, we all have a big problem as almost any new attractions, lands, etc...are known and most of them have been officially announced or will be in a near future.

    I know, I know, the Disney marketing machine is so incredible that we can count on them for weekly special announcements. But for Disney fans who always eagerly await what will be the next big one, i'm sorry to say that all of you could almost go to sleep and come back in quite a while when we will have something else than fences and cranes all around the pictures to show you.

    And I don't talk about Disney movies! Here, too, we know most of the program: Princess and the Frog this Year, Rapunzel in 2010 with also Toy Story 3, The Bear and the Bow and Cars 2 in 2010, Prep and Landing, eventually if they find a good idea Monsters Inc 2, Tron Legacy, John Carter of Mars, Prince of Persia, Pirates of Caribbean 4, 20000 Leagues under the sea prequel, Brad Bird's "1906" - about San Francisco 1906 earthquake, etc... without forgetting some nice short animated from Disney or Pixar. Of course we still have to discover all these great movies, there will be trailers, pictures, artwork, etc... but we know already what to expect at least until 2012.

    Let's come back to theme parks where the problem is even worst. As i've said - and although a great news awaits you at the end of the article - we know already what will be the new attractions that WDI will build in the next three years. Thanks God, there is still a huge surprise to come with Shanghaî Disneyland and hopefully - if the chinese officials finally stop to ask more and more from the WDC - we can expect an announcement probably this fall. And i agree there will be a lot to talk about it - and hopefully artwork to show - when the big news will be finally announced.

    But for other Disney parks in the world, it's another problem. Don't believe me? Let's do the list of what is planning for each park until 2012-13, whether it's officially announced or not...


    See the list and read the full article on Disney and more - and don't miss the end of it as you will learn an amazing info about DLP's future! :

    Disney and more: Looking towards the future...


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    Re: Looking towards the future...

    Thanks for another interesting article, Alain. The news about the 3rd Gate is very tantalising. I just hope they've learned from their mistakes!
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