Fantasmic Dragon, at last !

Wait. Yes, Disneyland released these pictures and the video below of the awaited Fantasmic Dragon so you'll be able to see him at last BUT they cancelled this morning press event as well as the dragon's performance tonight. Which means that you still will have to wait for a face to face with this huge WDI Audio-animatronic.

Mike Hyland, director of Disneyland Resort public relations released today this official statement about the dragon delays: "“The dragon in Fantasmic! is technically complex and the largest and most fully animated Disney character ever created for a live stage show. We want to make sure it’s perfect before adding it to the show”. Of course they want to make sure that everything works perfectly THIS time! The last time they announced it was at the beginning of the summer season and everything went awry, so...

But let's talk about the dragon itself, which is much more interesting, and after seeing the video below i must say that the result looks absolutely fantastic. Not only the dragon looks exactly like he just escaped from the beloved animated movie, but the AA animation is incredibly subtle. Obviously the head and the neck animation seems to be the most complex part, technically speaking, which may explain the problem they had.

Okay, enough talk, i let you have a look to the video, and please leave a comment to tell us what you think of this new WDI wonder!

Have a look at the video HERE:

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