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    Disney artist focus: Megan Brain

    Congratulations to the always awesome Megan Brain:

    I was recently interviewed for the D23 (Disneyland Fan Magazine) Spring issue 2010. They asked me to explain some of my paper sculpture techniques through a craft project. I remade the Cheshire cat that is going to be in the "World of Color" water spectacular. The paper puppets I made were animated by my friend Todd Hemker, and the animation is going to be projected on very large water screens.
    Here is the Cut It Out! D23 CRAFT ARTICLE that is on the web.
    list of the other articles in this issue

    This past spring I had the great fortune to be apart of a spectacular project with wonderful people at Walt Disney Imagineering Creative Entertainment. Below are some links to the articles that explain what the attraction will be like. Some of the artwork created for the show is currently on display at the Blue Sky Cellar in the California Adventure park. The exhibit will be up for the next 6 or 7 months. The water spectacular show primers April 2010.
    Type "Blue Sky Cellar World of Color" in search window to locate article titled "Pictures of Blue Sky Cellar Reopens featuring World of Color"
    YouTube World of Color Video I show up at 3:48 min in!

    Some of my paper sculptures on display in the Blue Sky Cellar.

    Megan Brain
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