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    NEW "TRON Legacy" Toys Video

    First Look: Cool New TRON Legacy Toys

    by The Grownup Geek

    The Geek found the following news from Disney Consumer Products (DCP) in his inbox this morning and just had to share it with his fellow geeks. DCP unveiled a first look at its fall line-up of TRON: Legacy inspired electronics and toys (#TronMerch), including the first-ever action figures to feature impulse light projection technology...

    Watch the video here >>
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    Re: NEW "TRON Legacy" Toys Video

    That remote control car will definately be a must have! Great job!

    AUTOPIA: Fan Since 1991

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    Re: NEW "TRON Legacy" Toys Video

    Tron rocks, anyone who thinks this wont be the next big thing is wrong...period

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    Re: NEW "TRON Legacy" Toys Video

    From what I have seen, the new TRON feature has a "cool" factor that we haven't seen in a while. It's been 25+ years since the original so there is no feel of a franchise being milked. While the original TRON was ahead of it's time, it has suffered. Like other computer related films of decades past (Electric Dreams, WarGames, Explorers, and Weird Science, etc.) the dated technology presented in these films (even if those computers were tasked with some impossible tasks. For example, creating a lifesize human woman with amazing measurments. A computer that falls in love with a woman. A computer program that creates a sphere that can transport a carnival attraction anywhere just by changing the coordinates. And tricking N.O.R.A.D. into "thinking" it's playing Global Thermonuclear War like it's some video game.) makes these films stand out like Model T's in an abandoned cornfield.

    The computers themselves have progressed so speedily over the years in both appearance, size, and processing speed that anyone watching these movies are instantly stopped in their tracks as they marvel at just how far we've come. Kind of like the film "Clueless". The "mobile phones" in that film look like bricks with antennaes, yet they were THE accessory of choice for the wealthy.

    Fortunately, the original TRON film still holds up because we don't see a whole lot of what personal computers looked like back then. We get what seem to be primitive screenshots but most of the film takes place inside the "World of TRON" to paraphrase the title of the vintage People Mover mini-show. And who knows what the inside circuits, bits, rams, and programs look like now. TRON suffers simply due to the limited state of computer animation at the time. As is evident by all the hoopla over the new film, the original TRON does seem to have a lot of residual "street cred" and should prompt Disney to, once again, polish off the original and bring it to Blu-Ray...hint!

    TRON stands in a catagory all it's own. It impressed like no other in it's time. I still have a couple of ticket stubs from when I was 18 (1982). I remember sitting in the theater transfixed at what I was experiencing. There was nothing like it before and there have been no notable competitors (maybe Lawnmower Man, the movie, might be a notable choice) in it's wake. We can only hope that the new film lives up to our expectations in the hope that we can, once again, be presented with a film that will become the standard bearer for decades to come. A film that Disney geeks can hold firmly to their bosom and bring out at viewing parties to enlighten all the uninformed people who missed it. I will be at the front of the line when tickets go on sale.

    Oh, and what was the price on my ticket in 1982? Well, I saw TRON and Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (double feature at a walk-in theater) for $1.00. My parents had bought me a coupon book for $10.00 that had 10 admission tickets inside. If I remember correctly, I got 20 movies out of those 10 coupons. All double-features! I just saw "Eclipse" in IMAX for $18.50! I feel so old.
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