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    Question Name that character at POTC


    In a different thread about the POTC ride, there is a discussion about the name of the old man, sitting on a rocker, at the entrance. You hear a banjo playing.

    It seems that no one is aware of this character's name. While not EVERY item in every ride would have a name, certainly this one would. It has been said that Walt Disney did name 3 of the characters in the ride inside the scenes.

    In my opinion, this banjo man needs to have a name. So I am suggesting a thread to come up with a name. Here is mine:

    1. Bayou Banjo Bill: (old Bill was the drunk inside the ride, but after he sobbered up, get his life in order, grew old and now is quietly sitting on the porch listening to his son playing the banjo, that he taught how to play, using his banjo that he made from wood from an old pirate shipwreck).

    Add your suggestion. Survey questionnaire

    A very Good Day~ aargh.
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    Re: Name that character at POTC

    Since there is already two Bills in the ride maybe he should be called Bayou Buford?
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    Re: Name that character at POTC

    Jean-Pierre Lefleur
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    Re: Name that character at POTC

    Joe Banner?

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