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    10/11: What's Cooking?

    Kevin shares a thought about Bob Iger's recent announcement, and also takes a look at another Food and Wine Festival.

    Discuss it all here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: What's Cooking? -
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    Re: 10/11: What's Cooking?

    Take the Operating Income, divide by Revenues, to see the percent of revenue. Over time, you can see which areas are more volatile than others. (Studio Entertainment seems most volatile.)
    Parks and Resorts is trending downward. If only there were a way to increase operating income without increasing expenses....
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    Re: 10/11: What's Cooking?

    The food looks appetizing, making me water!

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    Re: 10/11: What's Cooking?

    I gotta wonder how the Epcot F&W folks feel about the Swolphin thing - is it a complementary thing, or does it steal business away from Epcot?

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    Re: 10/11: What's Cooking?

    Did you see what kind of beer it was at the stands with beer? While I enjoy wines I am a craft beer junky. Was their beer of the craft/microbrew variety or was it the flavored water of mass market macrobreweries?
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