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    10/13: Let'sGoLegoLand

    Kevin has a photo tour and review of Orlando's newest theme park. Discuss it all here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Let'sGoLegoLand -
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    Re: 10/13: Let'sGoLegoLand

    I sincerely hope this park does well... hopefully it will do at least as well as its cousin in California. Really, this is the best thing that could have happened to Cypress Gardens, IMO - keeping the best attractions (the ski show, the gardens, the water park) and attaching a brand name to the park that will likely help it avoid the financial crises that Cypress continually ran into.

    Plus, Disney needs all the competition it can get!

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    Re: 10/13: Let'sGoLegoLand

    It looks good and I wish them the best of luck.

    Disappointed there is no Adventurers' Club or Fairy Tale Brook, those are two of my family's favorites from California. Fairy Tale Brook in particular is quite magical sailing through fairy tale scenes made of Lego and with a sweet soundtrack. It has the nostalgic pull of a Disney going for it. Adventurers' Club is a lot of fun looking for the key clues throughout the walkthrough. I hope they get added at some point. The Club in particular would not be an expensive addition.

    As for the criticism that the two roller coasters are not thrilling, well, this is Legoland and I wouldn't expect nor want them to be thrilling. The key is they should be just thrilling enough for the 4-10 year old set, and these seem to deliver in that regard. The young set is going to love being able to go on an inverted coaster designed for them. That's a great addition to Legoland.

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    Re: 10/13: Let'sGoLegoLand

    Legoland has been such a huge success in Socal. But I think the reason for it's success is due to the intimate scale of the parks here. Universal, Disney, SeaWorld, are all much smaller than their Orlando counterparts, which is why Legoland is a perfect fit for us. With Orlando you have the small Legoland park competing with Giant Universal, SeaWorld and Disney resorts. I hope the park does well but in my humble opinion, it does not look half as nice as the California park.

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