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    1/1: Starring Disneyland

    A reader favorite returns; Disneyland's appearance in a 1962 feature film. Discuss it here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Disneyland stills from 40 Pounds of Trouble -
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    Re: 1/1: Starring Disneyland

    I haven't seen this film...but I'm interested in the scenes from the Mine Train. How much of this attraction is shown?
    Oh...I'm afraid the deflector shield...will be quite operational...when your friends arrive.

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    Re: 1/1: Starring Disneyland

    The old 1962 cars for Matterhorn seem to fit 6 people per vehicle/train... the new cars for 2012 seem to fit 6 people per train. Progress is great, isn't it? Gotta remember to thank those tireless lawyers for all their dedication to trying to save all us ignorant and suicidal peons who visit the parks trying to find ways of injuring ourselves. After all, without the new restraints, someone might try to jump off a moving train! The 1960's was just a better time for Disneyland. It's like they say nowadays: Common sense, isn't.

    Great article by the way, loved it!

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    Re: 1/1: Starring Disneyland

    I love the movie "40 Pounds of Trouble" just so I can see the scenes like the one you describe where they are standing on the Monorail platform in Tomorrowland and look out over Main Street USA.

    Once a Disney fan, always a Disney fan.

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