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2. Avatarland isn't a done deal in that Disney could back out given the lukewarm response to the building of Avatarland. Sometimes Disney just 'floats' these ideas to see what the public thinks of it, like the princess heavy FLE.
Considering the insane amount of money they spent on the franchise's theme park rights, I think Avatar's presence is unavoidable. Hopefully however the reaction causes them to scale the concept back to a small mini land or single attraction for DHS, that would be the best case scenario in my opinion.

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Now this might very well change should Avatarland be built (I doubt it at this point). The entrance to Animal Kingdom could be redesigned into an Australian outback type village thing . . . bear with me here, this would be AK's main street, but more importantly, it would be a straight street, more or less, up to the Tree of Life, plus a parade route which could be used for parades at dusk. (Think of World of Color on floats with multicolored lights and all sorts of animal characters.)
I really hope this never ever ever happens. The Oasis entrance is one of the most important and best traits the theme park has. removing the tranquil atmosphere from this land ruins the feel.