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Thread: 3/2: Leap Story

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    Re: 3/2: Leap Story

    I was one of the unlucky ones who did not attend DL on Leap day. However, sitting at home there was a late night "breaking news" report (I think it was CH4) showing aerial views of the backed up traffic on the 5 and all the streets surrounding Disneyland. They did say that Disneyland was full and closed to new people. Kind of glad I didnt go when I had planned, as I would of been stuck in that mess! Such poor planning on Disney's part, but I'm glad that everyone there seemed to be having a good time.

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    Re: 3/2: Leap Story

    I don't think this even came even close to the attendence in 1968 when they failed to watch the "in park" count close enough. It was Over 80,000 in park and you could not move. I had to ride the train from Main Street to Frontierland. There was nothing but a sea of people covering every square foot of pavement, grass, porches, and queues. It took 15 minutes to navigate from the station to the entrance to the pit under Pirates. (The lunchroom downstairs just past the restrooms.) The Leap Year Event was not even shoulder to shoulder like any summer Saturday in the 70's.

    Florida cannot run Disneyland any more than gold stripes at the studio could just 40 minutes away. They have no feeling for the staffing needed to run the business. I think this culture of remote administration started with Eisner's "bunch of Carny's" remark as he sought to sieze control of the parks for his fair haired boys to run as a shopping center. He truly did not understand the difference between Disneyland and a county fair or Mexican goat roping. Guys like Lindquist, Nunnis, and Domenquez were shown the door, and the "Golden Age of Disneyland" was over. The park was allowed to weather to dilapidation until Roy Disney moved to kick Eisner to the curb. Iger, while a right hand man to Eisner, has done a much better job of running the company. (except green lighting John Carter.)

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