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    Re: 5/22: No PARKing

    According to the Parking Department, I'm the perfect AP holder since I always come by bus and always around 11AM and stay until 11PM (or when it closes).
    Everyone is entitled to an informed opinion.
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    There should be a sticky thread called "This Day in Disney History." The company has a long history and this would be a good way to acknowledge it. Walt was born 112 years ago; that's quite a chunk of American history and culture.

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    Re: 5/22: No PARKing

    Quote Originally Posted by TDSTOM View Post
    300 workers in street clothing walking though the park was thought to be inappropriate and unsettling to our DL guests. This is why shuttles were put into service.

    Al is just spinning things anyway he wants - again.
    Street cloths seem to me to be about the LEAST unsettling sight in the park. Excuses, excuses. Tell yourself what you want, but unless you can explain to me why small groups of individuals in "street cloths" is bothersome to guests I fail to see this as a valid decision, on an environmental and a managerial level.
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    Re: 5/22: No PARKing

    Check out my blog - Coreplex: Rambling from inside the Grid

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    Quote Originally Posted by sleepyjeff View Post
    Disneyland was meant to be sipped not chug-a-lugged

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    Re: 5/22: No PARKing

    ^ Perfect!
    "With the acquisition of Marvel and now of Lucasfilm,
    Disney may have finally found the grail. You don't need
    imagination or art. All you need is a brand."

    - Neil Gabler

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