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    6/19: Turtle Gawk

    Kevin updates you on SeaWorld's newest attraction. Discuss it all here...

    DIRECT ARTICLE LINK: Turtle Gawk -
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    Re: 6/19: Turtle Gawk

    We had the fortune of checking out this attraction on a very stormy trip two weeks ago, and I would agree that it's definitely a new hidden gem for Orlando, or even an Orlando must-see. From what I understand, 3D on a surface that curved was supposed to be impossible (supposedly why it wasn't utilized in Soarin' or the curved Harry Potter projection screens), so kudos for SeaWorld for pulling off that technological stunt. It's also great to see they've managed to revitalize a major attraction without ripping out what made it great (the manatees). The original manatee exhibit always seemed empty whenever I was there.

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    Re: 6/19: Turtle Gawk

    My family & I visited SeaWorld San Diego to-day, and we were disappointed because they had replaced the manatee exhibit in the back of the park with a turtle exhibit. Then I got home & saw this, & laughed out loud at the coincidence of this being posted to-day!

    Floridians got it better though- You got a turtle exhibit, you now can see a very cool-sounding movie, & you still have the manatees!
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