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    Re: 7/3: What Disney Can Learn

    It is Hersheypark - one word

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    Re: 7/3: What Disney Can Learn

    Quote Originally Posted by clippers6 View Post
    I think the cheap souvenirs are a good idea. I think it'd be nice if they sold a detailed guidebook for $1-$2 at the door, something similar to the old Disneyland guides you used to get before they switched to the maps. The guides had a brief description of each attraction and listed what type of food or merchandise each restaurant and store sold. It'd be like seeing a play where you get the playbill as you enter, but if you wanted you could pay extra for the glossy official program.

    I don't really see refillable soda bottles working at either Disney resort, just because there are too many repeat visitors (APs in Anaheim and multi-day guests in Orlando). It makes sense for a Six Flags, but not at a Disney park. I do think it would be nice show of goodwill for Disney to offer water bottle refill stations throughout their parks.
    Or just products we want Oswald they finally made a plush of him..ohh wait its over 20 bucks and not the same as most the other plush's i the parks

    I just want a like 8 dollar small Oswald...but of course Disney makes an over priced stuffed animal that wont fly off the shelves and then they ask..why aren't we making more money

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    Re: 7/3: What Disney Can Learn

    I've noticed at USH, most of the rides have both their standby and guests with disabilities lines in the same general area at the front entrance (with the exception of The Simpsons: The Ride). Unlike some Disney attractions, where under certain circumstances, are boarded thru the exit. There should be some consistency when designing new attractions in terms of who goes in what line and how these lines end in the load area.

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