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Thread: 7/17: 57 Today

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    Re: 7/17: 57 Today

    The astro jets were just such a perfect ride!!! I love heights, the trip up the elevator was exhilarating, as well as the trip in the jets. Even as an adult, I always felt really high above everything. It was great for getting pictures with the sky or the top of the castle or matterhorn in the background. I was never so disappointed as the day they took it down. The replacement jets suck, and created a pedestrian traffic issue to boot. I get no thrill out of being so close to the earth, and the ride is a lot like dumbo.

    That being said, thanks for the beautiful pictures--many representing wonderful memories from my childhood. This is really the best way to celebrate 57 years of magic.

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    Re: 7/17: 57 Today

    Great pics, Al! Thanks for posting them!

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    Re: 7/17: 57 Today

    Quote Originally Posted by Algernon View Post
    When I was a kid I absolutely loved Disneyland. Years later, my little niece and nephew really liked it. But they didn't love it like I did. I often wondered why. Looking at these pictures you can see why. It's not the same Disneyland.
    Sorry, but I don't buy this as the reason. Sure, there are some things from the past that I really miss, like Skull Rock or Adventure Through Inner Space or the Tomorrowland Jets up high on the pylon with the PeopleMover continually moving below it. But this is not the reason today's kids might not be as into the place as we were when we were wee ones. Back then, in a time of 3 major networks and no cable, there was much more need for imagination, and Disneyland was something that was completely unique and special. Today, with hundreds of TV stations available, with video games and computers and the internet, well, kids just aren't exercising their imaginations that much. And a place like Disneyland, whether it's mid-60's DL or 2012 DL, just doesn't hold the attention of today's post-MTV kids.

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    Re: 7/17: 57 Today

    Awesome group of pictures (sigh, I notice a few gems I wish were still @ Disneyland) & this gives Team Anaheim 3 years to prepare for Disneyland's 60th ....

    I really <3 the SHAG artwork for the 50th Anniversary (& I hope they team up with him again) ....

    C J

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    I <3 Making Friends Who Share The Same Interests :-)

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