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    Lightbulb Re: 4/18: Failure to Launch

    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Lightyear999
    Unfortunately, this is not quite correct. The shop stewards and a representative of the CM's work for Disney, but CM's are part of larger unions. In fact the last contract was with the same union that represented the grocery workers. It is not an 18 year old kid doing the negotiations, but adults and lawyers with years of experience. The problem is, as is with most unions now, their concern is their jobs, and not the ones they should represent. Food workers are part of a different union along with hotel workers. If CM's were smart, they would strike their union and then see what changes. How much worse can it be?
    Please check your facts on what Union represents the Foods division. That Union is kinda new to the job at the DLR and is not UFCW (United Food and Commercial Worker's), they are HERE - Hotel Employees and Restaurant Employees. In addition, they are not part of the DLR Master Services Council. That is made up of UFCW Local 324, SEIU Local 1877, IBT Local 495, BCT Local 83. That is the Union that agreed to Line Scheduling.
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    Red Face Re: 4/18: Failure to Launch

    ROCKIT MOUNTAIN_FAILURE TO LAUNCH IN THE Only available window for a whole year. the next available window will be in SPRING 2007 as part of AYEAR OF A MIllion DREAMS. i checked this out at

    check it out for yourselves!

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