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    Re: 7/13: Setting Sail

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    Re: 7/13: Setting Sail

    Anyone care to make it to page 11 from page 10? Anyone?

    Seriously, Kevin, I hope when the dust settles you'll give Disney Cruise Line another chance. So many people seem to have enjoyed it who responded to your column, so perhaps Disney is doing something right for somebody. Sure it's expensive, but so is travelling to Disney theme parks for many of us and so is staying on-site for many of us. Since WDW just raised their ticket prices it's not getting any cheaper to do Disney vacations of any type. A lot of folks sit there and plan everything out, including their costs, before they go. But it's Disney trip planning, not just any kind of vacation planning, so that makes it fun, special, and exciting, even while you plan ways to whittle the costs down and avoid being too pre-spoiled by what to expect. I hope you give it all a second chance sometime.

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