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    Re: Where does he get all his info?

    There is no secret or magic as to how Al gets his info. Al spends all of his time on this. You could do it too, if you spent all of your time at the parks, interviewing guests, cast-members, suits, analyzing pictures, etc, etc.

    Sometimes he reports what is released from Disney themselves. Other times, he reports things that may be rumors, but have enough legs to them that he thinks they are newsworthy. He also reports things drawn from conclusions he makes by observation.

    Al isn't infallable. He makes mistakes. Sometimes, his impressions are wrong. Other times, Disney changes their plans. But he does dedicate himself to reporting as much as he can. Like him or hate him, he does get an awful lot right.

    And when he does, he is first to take credit for it!!

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    Re: Where does he get all his info?

    Quote Originally Posted by DisneyDude2006 View Post
    I didn't literally mean WHO I just meant kinda generally. I know he can't reveal specifics, that's obvious.
    He offered again an explanation that leads to some simple extrapolation:
    Keep in mind updates only get posted when there is something to report on, and not before. It takes time to confirm things, and even then we can only offer a snapshot of a continually evolving story. Just like the happiest place on earth, patience is a virtue; the queue may take a while before you can enjoy the attraction.
    "If you don't know how to draw, you don't belong in this building" - John Lasseter 2006

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    Re: Where does he get all his info?

    This thread is a couple of months old, and would have been locked aay way in a few days. However, Diznyfan decided to go ahead and bump it to the top.

    However, this discussion was really done back in January, so the thread is closed.
    -Monorail Man

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